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Prophetic Utterances Growing

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We have been growing in our prophetic giftings!

A few weeks ago I began the Saturday night service by creating an atmosphere for the prophetic. This means I spoke a little about God's desire to speak to us and then encouraged my team to hear God. One young lady came up and I prophesied over her. As I placed my hand on her back, I "saw" her sitting on a second-story window ledge. Her hair reached down to the ground. I didn't see the suitor, but someone was seeking to court her. I got the feeling that she was being courted from above, not below. 

The young lady was quite moved by this ministry of prophecy and explained to us all that on her way to church that evening, she had been discussing some relationship concerns. I didn't know the meaning of the long hair that reached to the bottom of the ground. She explained that it had something to do with "Rapunzel." This prophetic picture was expecially significant to her because on the way to church, she had discussed Rapunzel and how her situation was similar to this story. Prior to this, I had no idea what Rapunzel was.

Another manifestation of the Spirit of revelation occurred that had a wow factor to it. A lady drove three hours to seek help. Her situation was complicated, and it appeared that we would need supernatural info to help. As we waited upon God, I received a picture of lava. I thought upon this and then saw a lava rock. As I pondered the rock's meaning, it came to me that the focus wasn't the rock, but the thought that the rock generated, which was, "That rock comes from Hawaii." Then it came to me that the focus wasn't Hawaii, but travel. I told the lady what I saw and asked, "Have you taken a trip recently?" She was surprised and answered, "Yes." It then dawned on her that that was when her problems began.

One of our team who was participating in ministry to this lady saw a vision of a white owl soaring to the heavens. We received the interpretation that in the context of the Bible, the owl was considered unclean. In modern times, the owl has been symbolized with wisdom. It is also a great hunter. We recognized several things from this vision:

  • The owl represented a false spirit of revelation. This is why it was pure white.
  • The false spirit was attacking the preeminence of Christ. This is why it soared straight up to the heavens.
  • The false spirit was introducing itself in the form of "new wisdom." This is why it appeared as an owl.

Taking all of this into consideration, we told her, "It appears that a false spirit has tried to seduce you with an antichrist doctrine. Have you been involved with something like this?" She answered, "Yes," and explained in detail that she had looked at some New Age videos that reinterpreted a certain Bible story, among other things. This reinterpretation opened the door for a lot of mess in her life.

Now, to be honest, this sister still has a lot of stuff to deal with. But she was brought face-to-face with God and His wisdom.

There were several other prophecies given by others. Prophecy and words of knowledge and wisdom are common occurrences in our meetings.

Go God!

"Pursue love, and desire spirtual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy" (1 Corinthians 14:1).

Catching Up On the Miracles of God

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Young Man Delivered from Spirit of Rejection. A few months ago I spoke at a church and afterwards had an opportunity to pray for a young African American in his early 20’s. He stated that as a child he had been continually verbally abused by an adult relative. The abuse was because of his dark skin color. His aunt treated the darker-skinned children badly and commented negatively about their skin color. This opened a door for a spirit of rejection and inferiority to enter. We commended the demon to leave. The young man stood there quietly, crying silently. Afterwards, he smiled and said he felt “it” leave his head. I haven’t spoken to him since that evening; so I don’t know the effects of this deliverance. However, I did receive a report that “many” people testified they had been set free in that service.


Woman Delivered from Spirit of Smoking. Another woman who smelled like tobacco asked for prayer to stop smoking. I prayed for her for several minutes with no obvious effects. But I continued until she felt something move around inside of her chest. She coughed strongly for a minute or so and said she felt “something” leave her. I haven’t heard from or about her since. So I don’t know if she’s stopped smoking or using cigarettes to light cigarettes. I only know what happened that night.


Woman Delivered from Spirit of Alcoholism. A couple of weeks ago we prayed for a lady who was described as a chronic alcoholic. She had been in and out of rehabs, to no avail. We led her to the Lord and prayed for her. Nothing seemed to happen until we asked the Holy Spirit to fill her. At that point, the power of the living Christ came upon her and began to evict the evil spirit from her. She grabbed her throat as the demon tightened its grip on her. The whole ordeal—salvation and deliverance—lasted maybe 45 minutes.


The next night she came to our church service for another dose. I prayed for her and the Holy Spirit came powerfully upon her in four waves of glory. She felt “something” warm enter through her lower legs and rise to her chest. This happened three times. The fourth wave, according to her, didn’t come from the outside, but instead expanded from within her and filled her entire body. I watched as she was pulled upward and backward in her chair. I had to catch her before she fell out of the chair. Her testimony is that for the first time since she’s been an alcoholic, she awakened the next day without a taste for alcohol. In cases such as these, time proves the extent of the deliverance.


Woman Delivered from Spirit of Inferiority. A young lady who visits our church had an encounter with the risen Christ last night. She stated that she had prayed and fasted to get rid of this strong feeling that something was wrong with her. She explained that on a 21-day fast, the Lord had reminded her of an occurrence when she was ten years old. A teacher whom she admired told her that she needed to change, that there was something wrong with her. From that time on she felt inadequate and “wrong.”


I believe that’s when the spirit of inadequacy (or whatever) entered. I commanded the evil spirit to come out of her. It’s important to note that as I did this, I also spoke the truth of God over her. Basically, I reversed the curse of her teacher’s words by speaking new words of acceptance over her. Tears rolled down her face. And here’s a really cool thing. I commanded the harmful words to be uprooted from her mind and spirit. I referred to them as weeds and said that the weeds were being plucked up from the roots. After the session, the young lady said that before I commanded the thoughts and weeds to be uprooted from her mind, she felt things being pulled out of her head. This was a powerful moment for her, as this was the first time she had ever felt the power of God. I explained to her that this was the risen Christ who was working with me.


The really cool thing? That before I commanded the thoughts and weeds to be pulled out of her mind, Jesus was already doing so. It was just another confirmation that He works with us as we represent Him. “And they went forth, preaching everywhere. The Lord working with them, confirming the word with signs following” (Mark 16:20). This is the reason I minister with confidence. He is with me! And you, as you represent Him.

Healing and the Heat of God

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A couple of days ago my wife and I were invited to some dear friends' home for a bar-b-que. As we parked the car in front of their home, I prayed, "Lord, if there is anyone here that we can minister your healing and deliverance power to, we are available." That kind of prayer attracts God's attention! There was someone there who needed both deliverance and healing. She had several issues, but one was a bad back. She had spurs on her spine, a malfunctioning thyroid, and several other things. 

We laid hands on her and do as we always do: We spoke to the mountain in Jesus' name. She felt the heat of God go into the base and top of her spine. Both places where she had been having excruciating pain. The pain left after several minutes of deliverance prayer. Our friend also received much more than she anticipated. She kept saying, "I feel so light. I feel like I can float. I didn't know that I was that weighted down, that I was that heavy. But something heavy has been lifted off of me."

That was the Holy Spirit doing His thing. When praying for people, give God time to do His work. Don't be too much in a hurry. You'll see Him move miraculously much more if you give Him time. Oh, and if the person says they feel heat in the afflicted area: DON'T STOP PRAYING! That's the healing power of Jesus Christ. At that point, you probably should ask the person to try to do what they couldn't do before. Or at least test themselves to see what has happened. If they don't have any manifestation other than the heat, tell them to take that as a sign that God's healing has begun. In the interim they should praise God for His healing. If it seems like a long time is passing by, the person may want to check his heart to see whether or not there is something blocking the healing.

God bless!

Woman Delivered from Crippling Pain and Weakness

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This past Saturday the Lord granted us a marvelous miracle of healing. It came through deliverance. My wife and I visited some dear friends. Usually when we visit this couple, other people are invited so we can also get in some ministry time. There were around 12 of us. One lady was there who was from out of state. She had been brought to our meeting by her sister, mother, and brother-in-law.


Unfortunately, she had been diagnosed with Lyme disease and even Malaria. I’m still unsure about the precise details of her condition. But one thing is certain: (1) She had lost 30 pounds due to her sickness; (2) She had been in chronic pain for the past two years; (3) She had been taken care of by her mother for the past two years; and (4) She entered my friend’s home walking with a cane and bent over in obvious discomfort.


In short, the ministry session went like this. I began by quoting several Scriptures. Next I spoke for several minutes about possible spiritual causes of demonic attack and of blockages to healing. Particularly, I explained how witchcraft, even one incident of the slightest exposure, can open one to curses. Some of which may include various sicknesses. I then got on one knee beside her and started speaking directly to any spirits of infirmity. Simultaneously, Cynthia, our host, was laboring for her in travailing prayer on the other side of her.


After a while Lori said that the pain was lessening. Several minutes later she said the pain was getting worse. I explained to her that this actually was a good sign. It was good because demons often increase their discomfort shortly before God’s power drives them out of people (see Mark 9:14-27). After several more minutes she said, “The pain is gone.” Her statement was so matter-of-fact that I kept praying for her healing. She repeated that the pain was gone. So I asked her to stand up and try to walk.


What came next surprised us all. (Remember: She had been walking with a cane and had been in considerable pain.) Lori popped up off the chair and stood straight up, very erect. She then walked around the room and hugged several people. Lori was crying. I was crying. Her mother was crying. Hey, everyone was crying. We all continued to watch Lori as she moved around the living room as though she had never had any pain. It was all so incredible. What increased the power of the moment was that her mom and sister were there and were so obviously impressed by her sudden mobility. Watching her practically bounce up the stairs didn't hurt any either!


The next day Lori and her family went to church and she gave her testimony. I’m told that she ran up and down the aisle to demonstrate her healing. Just a little while ago I went to her Facebook page and noticed that she has begun to testify of her deliverance. In her exact words, “GOD IS AWESOME!!! I have been healed!”


Let Lori’s testimony inspire you to believe God for healing.

Man Delivered from Tormenting Thoughts

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A couple of weeks ago God honored us with another miracle of deliverance. A man visited our church for the first time and requested prayer. He came because his daughter-in-law had recently been prayed for by us and had shown remarkable improvement in her health. He explained to us that he had been having strong, tormenting thoughts for years. The thoughts were so strong and regular that they had affected his psychological health. You know, it’s hard to be all that God desires you to be when you’re subjected to a constant mental attack like this. It’s debilitating and crippling.


Where did the thoughts originate? Apparently, a tormenting demon found access to this man as a child. The door was opened by his father’s continual verbal cruelty. He told us that as far back as he could remember his father had regularly told him that he was stupid and worthless. Evil words spoken over a person have great power. And evil words spoken over a child by an authority figure, especially a parent, have even greater destructive power. Satan is an opportunist; so he latched hold to these words and entered his mind.


When he came to us, he was refreshingly ready for ministry. We first made sure that he was holding no animosity for his father. Even though his father was dead, we led him in a prayer of forgiveness for him. Afterwards we spoke directly to the tormenting spirit and told it to come out. This type of ministry continued for maybe 20 -30 minutes.


There was no manifestation whatsoever. Nonetheless, I was told last night by his son that his father told him to tell us that he is totally free. His father states that he is a new man.

This is the power of deliverance ministry!


“As they went out, behold, they brought to Him a man, mute and demon-possessed. And when the demon was cast out, the mute spoke” (Matthew 9:32, 33).

Deliverance and Healing Service at Kingdom Tabernacle

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This past Sunday we had a deliverance and healing service at Kingdom Tabernacle Assemblies of God Church. The Lord graciously manifested His power. Several people were touched by the power of God.


It was immensely gratifying to see people delivered from life-long bondages. But even more satisfying to me was to see my team minister in the revelation and power of God. God used them in prophecy, words of knowledge, and miracles (casting out demons). As the leader of this ministry and author of a book on deliverance and healing, people expect me to operate like this. But when this type of ministry is conducted by so-called "regular" Christians, God's plan that ministerial leaders should train them "for the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry" (Ephesians 4:12) is completed.



In the future, we anticipate that many more "regular" Christians who become part of this ministry will be trained and sent forth to minister in the revelation and power of God.

Skype Deliverance Session

Posted on January 12, 2011 at 6:43 PM Comments comments (5)

I've just had a four-hour deliverance session with a precious 19-year-old girl in Romania. That's right "IN" Romania! She got a hold of my book on deliverance and contacted me by email. So here I am sitting here in my home office casting demons out of someone in Eastern Europe. Technology is awesome!

The Spirit of Fear

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The spirit of fear is one of the most common demons that attack people.  Are you afflicted with a demon of fear?  Some common signs are

  • Tormenting fear
  • Exaggerated timidity or shyness
  • Persistent physical pains or stiffness that don't have a physical origin
  • Panic attacks
  • Persistent and troubling thoughts that something bad is going to happen to you (especially that you're going crazy)

I've seen Jesus Christ set people free in a few minutes from debilitating strongholds of fear that they had suffered with for decades.  Call us if you are tormented by fear and desire the Lord Jesus Christ to free you. 


If any of you have been delivered from a spirit of fear, please share your testimony.  I know that some of you have been delivered from things other than fear and you'd like to share your experience.  But in this thread I only want to hear from those who have been delivered from a demon of fear through the ministry of casting out demons.  Thanks for sharing! 

School of Deliverance and Healing (SDH)

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Here's the schedule and description of classes: http://www.powerevangelism.org/SDH%20Schedule%20and%20Lesson%20Abstracts.doc.